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"Realty for the brave − Surviving against all odds"
Moscow, Russia
26-28 July 2013

Conference theme

Once the realm of high-risk investments with astronomical returns, the Indian real estate sector today faces liquidity issues due to escalating commodity prices, interest rates and inflation. Bank lending has declined significantly to the sector as there are few lenders willing to take a high-risk bet on high-priced development projects or buyers able to pay high mortgage rates. Higher input costs and significant project delays have caused private equity investment in real estate to drop over the course of last year.

This year’s budget also highlighted that if India wants to attract foreign investment, it needs to improve the ease of doing business in India, following international best practices for FII, FDI, to remove distrust and fear among investors. This message has significant implications for the real estate sector as there is a crying need for introducing best practices and transparency as well as reducing the timelines & transaction costs for project approvals, in order to build confidence in international investors.

Whilst the Government has a huge role to play in creating a favorable policy environment for real estate sector, the 13th NATCON will aim to showcase and debate what the industry can do, in order to take on the challenges including access to capital.

Thinking long term, the time has come when the Indian developer community gives a bigger emphasis to learning best practices, to improve their internal processes and delivery capabilities, which in turn will help investors and lenders to be more receptive to Indian real estate.

Fighting against all odds the realty scenario has to put a strong and dynamic front to address all the issues to further the realty progress. Its time for the new generation entrepreneurs to work shoulder to shoulder with the leaders and create systems, which will empower the future of the business ahead.